HIV and AIDS Treatment


Burbank Specialty Pharmacy is a community based infusion specialty pharmacy that provides a unique patient-focused model, which allows immediate availability of critically required specialty medications delivered by compassionate, highly competent professionals. Our comprehensive approach in managing our patients’ disease state improves the outcome, resulting in the reduction of costs over the term of the illness.

Our goal is to achieve optimal patient outcomes through compliance and the delivery of individualized medication therapy management in an environment that contains costs and maximizes patient satisfaction and adherence. Our clinical pharmacists and staff have expertise in HIV and AIDS Treatment and are available to physicians and patients 24 hours daily. We work together with the patient and their medical team to ensure safe and quality care.

Patient Services:

  • Assistance with all insurance issues, including verification of benefits and prior authorization
  • Expert staff handling Medicare Part B and Part D billing
  • Co-pay and patient assistance program
  • Patient education, emotional support, and assistance programs through our Non-Profit partners
  • Refill reminders and wellness checks tailored to specific disease and therapy
  • Complete patient educational materials shipped with each prescription
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Clinical pharmacist support and consultation available 24/7/365
  • Free same day/overnight delivery direct to your home, office, or designated location
  • Patient care coordinators help with scheduling, deliveries, refills, and all administrative issues
  • All required supplies are provided at no cost to the patient for injectable therapies

Let us make your life easier by allowing us to become your care partner and designing a solution to meet your needs. Please call or email us today!